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ClinCheck Review


With a ClinCheck Review, GP dentists don’t need years of focused experience and memorized expertise to carry out effective orthodontic treatments. You can simply take ten minutes to find out the relevant “need to know” information and adjustments to get the best treatment plan possible.

What’s Included:​

Based on your treatment goals and to your desired end result, ClearAssist will customize your ClinCheck by requesting some or all of the changes below:

  • Customized attachments to improve movement predictability (when needed). 

  • Advice on IPRs—where, how much, and at which stage they should be performed. 

  • Overcorrection and over-engineering of certain types of tooth movement to increase predictability of the results. 

  • Designing button cutouts and hooks where we need them to achieve the treatment goals.

  • Staging or optimizing the order of different types of tooth movement where applicable.  

  • Predicting clinical challenges and providing tips to address these challenges.

  • Unlimited ClinCheck revisions to acquire the optimum ClinCheck as described above.

The teeth in your patient’s mouth are not watching the ClinCheck video. They move by themselves. As a dentist, you need to guide them. Since we might only get 50% of that tooth movement shown in the ClinCheck, this guidance requires expertise. 


Get the expertise on your side with a ClinCheck Review.

Regular price: C$245

50% discount for subscribers!

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