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Get visual sign-off from patients in minutes.

Just about no one reads fine print. Unfortunately, a lack of clear understanding up front about potential outcomes of orthodontic treatment is the main cause for patients’ complaints and even claims being filed against dentists—and even if the claims get dismissed, that’s admin time wasted and an unhappy patient. 

Let’s save the paper and solve the problem by coming at this differently. Cue: ClearConsent, the visual consent for Invisalign treatments.


How does it work?

ClearConsent is a visual version of Invisalign consent that provides the patient with different informative videos and pictures about important sections of the consent. Comprehension levels skyrocket with video as the medium! You’ll get digital sign-off from the patient on each section, and they will get to keep the video afterwards for future reference. 

Simply send this shortened link to your patient asking them to fill out the form:

Add this tool to your dental practice for free! We’ll never retract this offer—once free, always free.

NOTE: This tool is currently in development!

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