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Case Assessment

Receive a comprehensive digital case evaluation with specific recommendations for treatment success. Start to finish, you’ll have fewer surprises and make the best possible decisions along the way.

What’s Included:

Based on your treatment goals and your patients chief concerns, one of ClearAssist’s experienced doctors will evaluate all submitted records to provide a case evaluation with the following information: 


  1. Cephalometric analysis (if the digital ceph is submitted)

    • Certified experienced dentists at ClearAssist will trace the cephalometric x-rays and run analysis you request (Steiner, Down, Wits, Rickett, Jefferson, and ABO analyses); a PDF report provided

  2. Problem list and diagnosis

  3. Clinical applicability for Invisalign treatment

  4. Estimated time for treatment

  5. Recommended case type (Invisalign Go, Comprehensive, Moderate, etc)

  6. Advice regarding attachments and IPR

  7. Possible clinical challenges and what to watch for

  8. Invisalign Prescription Form

  9. Special Instructions for Align technicians

Regular price: C$ 345

50% discount for subscribers

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