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Spend 10 minutes to get the best ClinCheck possible, for free.

ClearPlan is a free tool from ClearAssist that automatically generates answers to the questions of the Invisalign Prescription Form when you are submitting the case. Rather than hitting “Next” by default, get the exact inputs applicable to your case as you need them. Your answers to these questions will form the foundation of the treatment—the plan before the plan!


How does it work?

Using this tool will allow you to submit your case with an automatically generated prescription form to receive the best possible ClinCheck from Align Technology. Having the ClinCheck based on a more comprehensive orthodontic diagnosis will minimize the need for multiple ClinCheck revisions and improve the predictability of the clinical results.

As you move through the ClearPlan form, you’ll see the rationale of each choice explained and will receive answers to and advice for every single question in the prescription form. Not only will this help you brush up on your orthodontic knowledge, but you won’t have to rely on memory anymore—you’ll have the right answers exactly where you need them.

What will I receive?

Once you've made your submission, ClearPlan generates a PDF file with detailed information for submitting the case. You will also receive a summary of diagnosis and treatment plan.


This report will warn you if the case could be challenging and generates special instructions for Invisalign technicians for a better ClinCheck setup.

ClearPlan Lite

Unlimited uses for anyone!

Enter patient information and generate the best Invisalign Prescription Form possible

Receive a PDF report with case-specific warnings and special instructions

ClearPlan Pro

Unlimited uses with ClearAssist Pro (monthly subscription)!

All features included in Lite...


Edit and resubmit your documents as desired without re-entering all case information

Receive a summary of diagnosis and treatment plan for your records and insurance approval

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