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Orthodontic expertise for every dentist’s back pocket.

A revolutionary suite of intelligent orthodontic support tools and consulting, created to guide Canadian dentists through each stage of treatment with precision. 

ClearAssist™ makes your patients smile brighter, faster.

The in-depth knowledge of experienced Invisalign® providers is now available to you at the very moment you need it. With ClearAssist™, you can help ensure that your patients are able to get the best possible results from their Invisalign treatment by receiving personalized guidance and support every step of the way. We are raising the bar for dentists like you across Canada—and the best part?

...Our tools are free.

Spend 10 minutes and get the best ClinCheck possible... for free!
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Our innovative and automated orthodontic tools will always be free.

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Automated Invisalign Prescription Form

Use our groundbreaking intelligent Invisalign™ Prescription Form builder to receive the best possible initial ClinCheck™ and improve predictability of treatment results.

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Insurance Claims Calculator

ClearClaim™ provides guidance for all major Canadian dental insurances and breaks down the necessary payments and claims.

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Invisalign Visual Consent

ClearConsent™ for Invisalign treatments is an innovative way to obtain understandable consent and to avoid patient complaints.

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Library of Orthodontic Consents & Forms

Access a growing library of lawyer-reviewed consents and many other forms and contracts for orthodontic treatments.

No payment needed to use our tools! Gain access by signing up to become a site member (Basic).

Did you know that you will only get 50% of the tooth movement that your ClinCheck™ predicts?*

Even with the powerful predictive technology at work, your patient’s teeth are not a simulation. Access to real-life experts usually comes at a pretty penny, but not with ClearAssist™. We have created automated processes to help our doctors get the relevant information from dentists like you quickly in order to provide personal oversight to your patient’s case—saving time for both parties and making expert advice affordable. 

* See the published study on American Journal of Orthodontics (AJO-DO)


Upgrade your expertise with on-demand or subscription-based orthodontic consulting services.


ClinCheck Review

While orthodontic tooth movements usually do not follow ClinCheck simulations accurately, we weigh all relevant factors and draw on decades of experience as we customize your ClinCheck, vastly increasing predictability of treatment success.

Purchase services on-demand, or get a discount on all our services with a monthly subscription.

Refinement Planning

If you didn’t get there the first time, we can make it right. We’ll review the first treatment and set you up to navigate from this point forward confidently, restoring your patient’s trust and saving you time.

Case Assessment

Receive a comprehensive digital case evaluation with specific recommendations for treatment success. Start to finish, you’ll have fewer surprises and make the best possible decisions along the way.


Inventory is expensive! We’ve created Rescue Kits for each of the most commonly occurring problems which contain all the materials needed as well as detailed guidance. 

Join the growing movement of Canadian dental professionals who are making their patients’ smiles brighter, faster.

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Get the information you need when you need it—no memorization required! 

Save time on both administrative processes and treatment length.

Gain access to human expertise.

Raise the predictability of successful treatment.

Decrease claims against your practice due to lack of proper documentation.

Increase patient satisfaction.

Get 50% discount on all ClearAssist practice support products and services with no commitment.

Get started.



Use all our tools for free! (ClearPlan™, ClearClaim™, ClearConsent™)

Access full library of free forms and admin resources (ClearForms™)

Access and purchase all services at on-demand pricing


C$99 /mo
Paid Monthly

C$79 /mo
Paid Yearly

All BASIC perks, plus unlock advanced features of ClearClaim™

50% discount on consulting purchases (ClinCheck Reviews, Refinement Planning, and Case Assessments.
Kits not not included.

No commitment!



Exclusively for dentists in British Columbia

All PRO perks

Shared marketing tools & strategies

Access to free consultations

Access to more than $1280 monthly savings on orthodontic expenses

Limited to qualified practices!


Not ready to sign up? You can use ClearPlan™ Lite with no fee, subscription, or sign-up!

Just interested in our consulting services? You can buy them on-demand without signing up!

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